End the Lockdown, Reopen Businesses!

As more data on Covid-19 becomes available daily, it is abundantly clear that the emergency measures taken by the Canadian government are no longer necessary to ensure the continued safety of the people. While social distancing and other measures are welcome voluntarily, we believe the unseen consequences of forcibly shutting down businesses carry a human cost far greater than the federal and provincial governments have considered.

The data available on the impact of unemployment on mental health, namely suicide, substance abuse and overdose, and domestic assault shows a potential powder keg of personal disasters brewing as the impact of this forced shutdown ripples through the economy. Furthermore, a great many Canadians, as well as small and medium businesses, exist month to month. Emergency benefits and temporary suspension of rent and mortgage payments may help ease the financial strain in the short term, but all those people, families and businesses may never recover well enough to catch up on their delayed bills. Every unnecessary day added to these emergency measures and lockdowns will exasperate the situation.

The emergency measures have already resulted in overcrowding and supply shortages throughout the country, which was the opposite of their intention, and have kneecapped grocery delivery services that would have protected the most vulnerable from further risk.

We believe that Canadians and businesses deserve the right to make responsible choices. Those who are unsure, uncomfortable or possibly more susceptible to Covid-19 deserve the right to stay home and self quarantine, and the rest of Canada has the right to return to their lives and provide for themselves and their families.

End the lockdown now, and recall the emergency measures!


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